thermal compound

As per my previous entry, I decided to clean up my PC and removed a ton of dust. I also removed the CPU cooler in order to clean it. After I put it back together, I started thinking about the thermal compound that was on the CPU. It looked good, but since I’ve had the PC for 2 years and never changed it, even if I removed the cooler a couple of times. I thought it might be a good idea to get some new compound, and see what effect it had.

So today I bought a syringe with 2.5 g of Artic Silver Céramique. I got home (through the hottest day of the year) and opened up the box again and replaced the thermal compound.

There was a slight improvement. Honestly i was expecting a little more, but that’s what the values read.
The system was left to run in idle in both measurements, just as I had done yesterday.

So repeat after me: A little maintenance can help your system. Clean those dustbunnies, and renew the thermal compound while you’re at it 🙂