I’ve been reading a copy of Web Operations by John Allspaw, Jesse Robbins and a bunch of other equally knowledgeable people.

My boss lent me his copy, and I found it so good that less than halfway through the book, I decided I had to get my own copy. Yes, I think it’s that good!

If you’ve been paying any attention to how any reasonably large company creates and deploys services for the web, you probably have heard about devops. The concept isn’t new, but lately it has been getting more attention. It has found some success in bridging the gap between developers and operations people. It’s about time we stop blaming one another 🙂

The book is great, especially in the way it is written, with lots of real life stories, some good, some bad, and you can actually empathy for some of the problems they faced.

Most of the stuff in the book (up to what I’ve read) isn’t new. But seeing it there, printed in paper, allowing you to read about other people’s hard earned lessons is pretty darn good. I can relate to some of those issues as I’ve lived through similar problems, even if at a smaller scale.

Seeing that our solutions were similar to the pros does make one warm and fuzzy.

This is one book everyone working in operations should read. And also most of the guys developing for the web.

The good news is that my copy arrived today, so I’ll be returning my boss’ copy tomorrow. Let’s see what he has to say when he starts to dig into it 🙂