codebits 2010

And once again codebits is being prepared. For those that don’t know it, codebits is an event my company has organized for 3 years. It’s a very special event. It’s main feature is a 24 hr programming contest. It’s not meant for marketing or people in management, although they are also welcome, but it’s main target are the young developers, the hackers, the one’s that are innovating and pushing the technological envelope 🙂

It will be held in Lisbon, on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of November, and it’s a non-stop event. The organization provides food, and drink, and lot’s of activities to keep you busy.

During the first afternoon and the morning of the second day we will have workshops, and talks, and then at noon on the 12th the programming contest will start. It’s a team effort, you are supposed to team up with 1 or more elements and come up with something. Then you have to implement it during the next 24 hrs 🙂

Sounds fun? Yes it does, and I can tell you, on my own personal experience that it is fun!

The call for presentations was published a few days ago and the community is already buzzing with enthusiasm.

There are already 29 talks proposed, and I expect more to be submitted…

Hey, even if you’re not Portuguese, you can still attend. We have some guest speakers that will be presenting in English, and most attendees  have at least a reasonable grasp on the language.

In the past we’ve had talks on many topics, from the very technical, like specific languages, or methodologies to more common stuff like sessions on usability, or on best-practices. We’ve had sessions on databases, traditional sql and also non sql ones, and on becoming an entrepreneur. We’ve even had a workshop on lockpicking 🙂

Has all this caught your attention? I hope so…

So head on over to codebits and check the site. All this information and much more, is there for you to read, and perhaps we’ll get a chance to meet at codebits.

If you’d like to make a presentation, you’d be welcome to. Please read the guidlines presente on the site, and submit your draft.