I’ve just re-read a post on Data Center Knowledge, on ‘who has the most web servers?‘. It’s originally from 2009, so the most actual part is the comment section, where lots of people have added their opinions and also some valuable updates..

One thing I have to bitch about is the title. It’s misleading. It mentions web servers but in fact it’s count all servers these companies have. They’re mixing web servers, per se, with database servers, and application servers, all in the same bundle. Mind you, I believe this is how it should be done, I just think the title should be changed to ‘who has the most servers’.

More than the raw numbers, what interests me is how these companies manage theses servers. It’s easy for a small team to manage several servers, but when you reach thousands of servers, across multiple locations you must have some system in place, or you’ll loose control. It’s the systems they have that would interest me most. How do they manage all they locations? Do they always replicate servers across all locations, or do they pair them up? How do they balance their power and cooling  requirements? How do they manage their address space? Those are the things I would pay to read about. But, usually this type of information is closely guarded, and hard to discover.

Anyway it’s still fun to read through the article and the comments with everyone throwing in a new company they believe should be part of the list.


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